Top 5 best mass gainer in the market right now

Bodybuilding is not just a ruthless exercise; it is an art form. Bodybuilders are required to gain weight in precise proportions in exactly the right areas on their body so they can sustain all the extra muscle. If you are a body builder or planning to step into the world of bodybuilding soon, then you must know that there are some essential products that a body builder needs to consume to gain weight. These particular products are commonly referred to as mass gainers (or weight gainers) and are critical to fulfilling the additional nutrition requirements of a bodybuilder to help them gain the desired weight on their body.

Mass Gainer Name

Protein Quantity

Calorie Quantity

Protein and Calorie Ratio(%)


60 g

650 g

9.2 %

# 2

45 g

610 g

7.3 %

# 3

63 g

1000 g

6.3 %

# 4

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer 

52 g

1300 g

4 %

# 5

50 g

1250 g

4 %

But what are these 'mass gainers' or 'weight gainers'?

Due to bodybuilders needing to reshape the entire musculature of their body, they need extra calories with more useful proteins. This goal cannot be achieved by consuming a diet aimed at the nutritional requirements of an average person. This is where mass gainers help bodybuilders to reach their goals. As the name suggests, mass gainers or weight gainers assist bodybuilders to achieve their target of daily calories without spending unnecessary time and energy in consuming a lot of food.

How to choose the best mass gainer?

best mass gainer

Choosing the right weight gainer is crucial because you need to identify which product works best with your mass gain requirements and training goals. That is why mass gainers are designed with varied specifications so they can cater to individuals with different priorities. Here is an outline of some questions to help you pick the best mass gainer for yourself: 

  • What is the mass goal you need to achieve within a specified training period?
  • What are your daily calorie needs based on that goal?
  • Does your diet (including your supplement) cover all your essential food components?
  • What are your daily calorie needs based on that goal?

Based on your answers you can choose any one of these 5 mass gainer below..

Here comes the Top 5 weight gainer products in the market

Weight gainers are the best source of calories for a bodybuilder as they allow them to fulfill the need of calories without eating 3000+ calorie food to gain mass. To get lean muscle mass, people use weight gainers of different varieties meeting their needs. Here is a list of the best weight gainer supplement or best mass gainer that are currently available in the market and which can help you achieve optimal results:

1. Pro-Gainer by Optimum Nutrition:

Pro-Gainer is another best weight gainer in this list manufactured by Optimum Nutrition. The brand provides excellent quality in its products, which has influenced a sworn brand loyalty by most of its customers. Pro-Gainer is notorious for its ability to help trainees recover from strenuous workouts at an incredibly fast rate, and is the perfect fit for someone who has to complete multiple sets of training exercises without taking long breaks. It has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 with more than seven hundred and fifty reviews on Amazon.


  • Fast recovery from heavy workouts
  • 650 quality calories in every serving
  • Formulated with 24 necessary vitamins and minerals for your needs

Size & Flavours

It is available in Banana Cream Pie, Double Chocolate, Strawberry Cream, and Vanilla Custard. Sizes vary from as 1, 5 and 10 pounds.

2. TRUE-MASS by BSN Sports:

true mass

TRUE-MASS is a premium lean weight gainer that is designed to support muscle growth and fast recovery for athletes. It fuels the body to heal from a tough workout and prepares it for the next. You can also use it post-workout, between meals, before bed, and even as breakfast. 


  • It is a lean weight gainer including six best protein sources
  • Over 45 grams of protein per Ration
  • True-Mass is ideal for recovery from workout with over 700 calories per serving
  • It produces creamy, delicious shakes; No bland weight gainer taste and texture is observed
  • There are 90g Carbs, 10g BCAA, 5g Fiber per Serving

Size & Flavours

This mass gainer is available in six flavors of Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Milk Shake, Chocolate Milkshake, Strawberry, and Vanilla. It comes in three sizes of 5.82, 5.75 pounds and 15 servings

3. Mass Tech by MuscleTech

Mass-Tech is a superior quality weight gainer that is available in eight flavors and four sizes. It is an advanced mass gainer which is designed for any person who is facing issues in adding weight to their body. Mass-Tech is specifically targeted at individuals who have comparatively high weight goals to achieve in a short time span.


  • 80g protein and 1170 calories for bigger and better results
  • A relatively new product from Muscle Tech focused on trainees with significantly higher mass gain needs
  • Formula enhanced with anabolic drivers to speed up mass gain

Size & Flavours

Available in Four Flavours:Vanilla,Chocolate,Cookies and Cream,Strawberry

Available in Four Sizes: 7 lbs,12 lbs,14 lbs,21 lbs

5. Serious Mass Optimum Nutrition:

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is the best mass gainer available in the market. It is the best weight gainer supplement that you can choose as a beginner. With more than three thousand customer reviews of 4.5 stars rating, Serious Mass is the number one best seller on Amazon in the Sports Nutrition Weight Gainers category. Optimum Nutrition is a trusted brand and has been serving in the industry since 1986, providing a unique combination of supplement nutrition, which many bodybuilders swear by.


  • 1,250 calories per serving when mixed with water and 1,640 calories per single serving when combined with low-fat milk
  • Over 250 grams of carbohydrates to fuel extreme workouts and help refill glycogen reserves
  • Includes 25 Vitamins & Minerals, Creatine, and Glutamine & MCTs that the body can effectively use to build and sustain strength and stamina

Size & Flavours

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is available in five flavors on Amazon including Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Banana, and Strawberry.

This weight gainer is available in two sizes including six pounds and twelve pounds.

Why should you consider using mass gainers? 

Building extra muscle involves exhaustive, intense workouts which can cripple a person's energy levels and stamina if sufficient nutrition is not provided. Weight gainers can help bodybuilders to achieve their daily goal of calories in a systemic fashion. This will not only let the body recover from the exertion of the workout but also help the trainees in building more strength and muscle, and prime the body for growth. Following are some important aspects that mass gainers can help a bodybuilder with:

1. Meet different Calorie requirements instantly

A hard gainer is someone who feels the need to eat continuously and unfailingly to put a tremendous amount of muscles on his or her body. But it is inefficient and unhelpful to eat enormous quantities of food to hit your required calorie goals, no matter how committed you are. Also, this involves wasting a lot of time on food consumption, which can otherwise be spent in training and exercise.

An average man's intake is around 2,640 calories per day while a bodybuilder can intake more than 4000 calories or 5000 calories per day depending on his needs. Suffice to say; a bodybuilder requires more food than an average human in the same age group. This is where mass gainer supplements come in, as they can aid a bodybuilder to reach his daily calorie requirement goals very quickly and efficiently. A mass gainer can meet your 4000+ daily calorie requirement when dissolved in a single glass of milk which is otherwise really hard to do with average food.

Then again, not every bodybuilder has to meet the same daily calorie requirement goals. Daily calorie requirements will vary according to the mass required to gain as well as the time allowed for the mass gain. Due to this differentiation, mass gainers come in plenty of different calorie levels. It is so that a bodybuilder can choose a right weight gainer for his workout needs.

The fundamental difference between weight gainer products is their calorie count. A four hundred calorie mass gainer is different than a nine hundred calorie weight gainer, as the former product provides fewer calories to the body as compared to the latter. You will end up adding more fat and mass to your body if you consume the supplement which exceeds your calorific goals. That is why you need to be sure of your nutritional goals and choose your weight gainer wisely.

2. Gain muscle while maintaining a leaner body

Another huge benefit of using a mass gainer is that it helps builders to keep a leaner posture. The best weight gainer will adhere to this, and provide component fats which help bodybuilders to keep themselves lean in the muscle building process. These mass gainers will not add unnecessary fat to the trainee's body and thus contribute to maintaining a leaner body figure without upsetting the health of the person.

Approach an expert for advice if you are not sure what kind of weight gainer you should couple with your workout routine and goals. Your ideal choice should result in providing you with as little saturated fat as possible and medium chain triglycerides while maintaining your health at the same time.

3. A variety of mass gainers allows you to choose the one best-suited to your bodybuilding goals

The market for mass gainers is saturated with a variety of products which can help you attain different mass gain goals efficiently. This means that there is no one Holy Grail product which can be taken as a generic food supplement to suit every trainee's goals. But you can find a multitude of options which can be coupled in various manners to help you achieve your desired training goals.

You can find mass gainers that are specifically targeted to increase your calorie intake. There are weight gainers which can aid you in maintaining your desired weight once you have hit your desired goal. If you have just started bodybuilding and want to use a mass gainer right before or after the workout period, then you need to look for weight gainers with a nutrition combination of little fat and higher carbohydrate content to maintain your strength and increase your protein intake.

4. More Protein, especially Creatine needs efficiently 

Creatine is commonly known as the muscle protein which helps to supply energy and oxygen to growing muscles, and is thus necessary for gaining weight. Many weight gainers come with additional creatine, and it benefits bodybuilders as there is no need to buy protein powder separately.It plays a significant role in gaining weight and is a perfect addition to weight gainers. While using products with creatine, you may notice some water weight gain initially in your body in the first few weeks of using the weight gainer. However, this only means that the product retains additional water molecules in the body as well as creatine. The body will soon adapt to retention of creatine molecules, and after one or two weeks, you will see a significant loss in the water weight.

5. Ability to recover rapidly with L-Glutamine

Another important reason to consider using mass gainers in your diet is that they can help bodybuilders in recovering from their workouts in a short span of time. Some weight gainers are also packed with L-Glutamine which plays a huge role in speedy recoveries from a workout. L-Glutamine is an amino acid that improves protein metabolism and represses muscle breakdown. The intake of L-Glutamine helps the body recover from the stress of the workout faster. This is a crucial step as it helps the body recover its strength and prepares it for another round of strenuous exercise. Without recovery, the body will eventually submit to the physical stress and result in extreme sickness and failure to perform even core activities.

Final Words

Finding the best mass gainer is not an easy task. We have done intensive research and study to come up with a list like these.We hope that this was helpful for you. Now it your turn to choose the best weight gainer for you and build some muscles. In case if you have any queries or suggestion, let us know in the comment box below! 

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