Best mass gainers in the market right now which you need to know

We hope you’ll agree with us when We say:

Muscle building is not so easy today without a best mass gainer… Or is it?

Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding that “Good” one isn’t an easy job.

After researching online and spending hours in testing these, We have shortlisted the top 10 best weight gain supplements which you can buy right now.

10 Best Mass Gainer Supplements - Reviews, Ratings and Where to buy

Bodybuilding is not just a ruthless exercise; it is an art form. Bodybuilders are required to gain weight in precise proportions in exactly the right areas on their body so they can sustain all the extra muscle.

They mostly achieve this with the mass gainer protein. We will talk about that later in this article. If you are a bodybuilder or planning to step into the world of bodybuilding soon, then you must know that there are some essential products that a body builder needs to consume to gain muscles.

Mass gainers are the best source of calories for a bodybuilder as they allow them to fulfill the need of calories without eating 3000+ calorie food to gain muscles. To get lean muscle, people use the different varieties of these meeting their needs. Here is a list of the best muscle building supplements that are currently available in the market and which can help you achieve optimal results:

Editor's Choice: Our No 1 Recommendation 

1. High-Protein Pro Gainer by Optimum Nutrition:

Optimum Nutrition High-Protein mass gainer is a household name in the supplements industry and this lean gainer with a difference will get you bigger while remaining ripped.

Where many supplements have too much fat and sugar, Pro Gainer packs a mighty 60g of protein and only 5g of sugar. This helps you pile on lean muscles without a bulge around the waistline.

Each Serving Contains:

  • 650 Calories
  • 60g Protein

Not all protein is created equal so Optimum Nutrition harness sources with high bioavailability from completely organic sources. The nature of these proteins and the way they are combined allows them to be efficiently synthesized. This helps with more rapid muscle growth and aids recovery.

Pro Gainer also delivers 85g of complex carbs with enough slow-burning energy to fuel the most intense workout. 5g of fiber and a shower of vitamins, essential minerals and enzymes are also crucial for the growth process. These micronutrients help your body process all that protein along with the carbs and fat.

With 650 calories, a serving of Pro Gainer helps you nail your daily macros the right way.


  • Contains 7 sources of high-value protein
  • Mixes up with ease even if you use water
  • You’ll get no unpleasant bloating while still feeling full
  • Low levels of fat, sugar and cholesterol helping your lean gains
  • Genuinely pleasant taste with no chalkiness


  • Not the cheapest option at your disposal
  • Less than ideal if you’re intolerant to whey or milk

2. TRUE-MASS by BSN Sports:

true mass

Each Serving Contains:

  • 700 Calories
  • 45g Protein

Marketed as an ultra-premium mass gainer, if you’re looking to stack on some serious size, BSN’s True Mass is a must.

With 90g of carbs against 45g of protein, It is tailor-made if you struggle to eat enough to fuel your workouts and help your recovery. You’ll be able to pile on up to 700 calories with a single tasty shake.

Whether you want to blend it up before bed, in between regular meals or immediately after working out, you’ll get none of that chalky taste that spoils so many of these supplements.

If you work out intensely and you’re after a super mass gainer serving up all the calories, carbs and protein you need without a glut of fat, It is a home run.

You won’t just hit your macros, though… With 6g of medium chain triglycerides, 10g of great amino acids and 5g of fiber in each serving, you’ll fuel recovery while also building muscles for the win-win.

If you’re sensitive to soy, be aware that while there’s no soy protein in True Mass, it does contain soy lecithin.


  • Generous dose of protein from 7 sources with no soy protein included
  • A thick and mouth-watering shake that slips down a treat
  • Mixes up fuss-free so great for anyone with no time to waste
  • 2:1 carbs to protein ratio ideal for serious gains
  • High in calories while low in fat so perfect for recovery shakes


  • A degree of bloating if you take the suggested serving size.
  • Enormous scoop encourages you to use too much so scale back the dose to economize while avoiding feeling too full
  • 3. Mass Tech by MuscleTech

    Each Serving Contains:

    • 840 Calories
    • 63g Protein

    Specifically designed for all hardgainers, Muscle Tech’s Mass Tech is a superb supplement if you want to bulk up or push forward through a plateau. Sometimes you need an extra edge and this product provides that.

    Are you working out hard, eating a surplus of calories yet struggling to add mass? It will give you a whopping 840 calories in a single serving giving you bundles of energy and helping you hit your gains without needing to spend all day eating.

    The protein you take on board is digested at different speeds meaning you get those critical amino acid delivered at a staggered pace for best results. Protein comes from premium sources and includes 10g creatine in the 63g total protein.

    Alongside this protein-fest, you’ll get an incredible 132g of carbs in this product. The multi-phase delivery helps drive creatine to your muscles, spikes insulin and promotes recovery and muscle replenishment.

    With omega-laden fats and low levels of saturated fat, all these muscles won’t come at the cost of unwanted blubber.

    It could justifiably be termed a superior mass gainer. Get visible results lighting quick with this tasty supplement.


    • 63g of multi-phase protein optimizes delivery of amino acids
    • 132g of multi-phase carbs helps your body hit an anabolic state
    • Calorie-laden shakes leading to noticeable, rapid gains
    • Super-smooth taste takes the sting out of loading up
    • Energy-dense calories lower in fat than some muscle mass gainers.


  • If you follow the suggested serving directions, tends to be too thick so dial it back saving money while enhancing the taste
  • Stirring without using a blender is hard work
  • 4. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

    dymatize super mass gainer

    Each Serving Contains:

    • 1280 Calories
    • 52g Protein

    As the name makes crystal clear, Super Mass Gainer from Dymatize can help you supercharge your gains with its blend of protein and carbs in just the right quantities.

    If you want a significant boost in your caloric intake, you’ll get a colossal 1280 calories in just one serving meaning you can spend more time in the gym and less prepping food.

    The 52g of protein included whey isolate, creatine and casein while the 17g of BCAAs ensure this is briskly processed while giving you all the nutrition you need. L-leucine also gives a hand with protein synthesis leading to increased gains.

    In common with most weight gain supplements, you’ll need to invest in a blender for a consistent mix.

    The only real downer with this delicious mass gainer is the elevated level of sugar.

    If your hectic lifestyle or body type means consuming enough calories to see visible gains seems harder than hitting the weights, this protein and carb-laden super mass gainer is the obvious solution.


    • All 6 flavors taste richly decadent with a fantastic texture
    • Dissolves effectively as long as you blend properly
    • Enzyme formula allows you to take all these calories on board without digestive bite-back
    • 17g of BCAAs helps you refuel after vigorous training
    • 7.7g of leucine to promote protein synthesis and enhance strength


  • Very large ingredient profile not to everyone’s taste
  • 23g of sugar is fairly high.
  • 5. Serious Mass Optimum Nutrition:

    Each Serving Contains:

    • 1250 Calories
    • 50g Protein

    Make no mistake at all, if you have lofty weight gain goals, taking enough calories on board is crucial. Problem is, how do you do that without spending all day eating?

    Optimum Nutrition has the answer in the form of its Serious Mass which delivers fully on the promise of its name.

    With a huge 1250 calories, you can take on the equivalent of half a day’s food in one tasty shake. As long as you have a blender, mixing is a breeze and the consistency of this shake is outstanding. It could be slightly more soluble but this is a minor gripe.

    50g of protein comes mainly from whey protein concentrate, albumen and calcium caseinate. Creatine levels are low at just 1g.

    The bulk of the 250g of carbohydrate is in the form of Maltodextrin and will provide all the energy you need to hammer those weights.


    • Contains over 1250 calories for first-rate gains
    • 250g of carbs to fuel even the most intense workout
    • High quality blend of proteins from 3 sources totaling 50g helps you add lean muscle
    • Superb array of 25 minerals, vitamins and MCTs for complete nutrition not just heavy gains
    • Slips down smoothly with no graininess or aftertaste


  • Doesn’t dissolve as well as hoped for
  • Slightly too little creatine for some
  • 6. Body Fortress Advanced Mass Gainer

    body fortress mass gainer

    Each Serving Contains:

    • 1000 Calories
    • 40g Protein

    Body Fortress offers a fairly affordable but extremely effective super advanced mass gainer available in chocolate or vanilla flavors which are both pretty tasty.

    While some weight gain supplements suggest you use milk as a mixing agent, all the calories in this come from the supplement. The manufacturer suggests doubling up the serving size if you want to experience turbocharged gains.

    40g of protein with 2.5g of Betapower betaine ensure you’ll load on plenty of lean muscle. The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) make certain this protein is broken down in short order.

    Almost 200g of carbs – principally Maltodextrin – allow you to work out harder and for longer. These carbohydrates also serve you well when it comes to post-workout recovery.

    Although there a few too many questionable additives, overall this will help you to put on plenty of size without needing to eat ten meals a day.


    • No preservatives, yeast, wheat or artificial colors for a more natural weight gain supplement
    • With 200g of mass-building carbs and 1000 calories, pack on size quickly and easily
    • Highly concentrated BCAAs to help protein synthesize swiftly
    • No aspartame or gluten so ideal for anyone with an intolerance
    • Both chocolate and vanilla shakes are tasty with a lovely texture


  • Milk and soy in the mix so watch out if you are sensitive
  • Rather too heavy on the unhealthy additives like soy lecithin
  • 7. Universal Nutrition Real Gains

    real gains weight gainer

    Each Serving Contains:

    • 600 Calories
    • 52g Protein

    With an abundance of quality protein and complex carbs, Real Gains also ensures you get the amino acids you need to put those macros to work.

    The prime method of increasing lean mass is to take on an excess of protein. With 52g in each scoop of this weight gain supplement, you’ll see a rapid increase in muscle mass if you work out accordingly.

    Protein is useless if it can’t be proficiently synthesized. Heavy on the BCAAs, Real Gains puts your whey protein and slow-release micellar casein to work optimally.

    If you are working out with a vengeance, you won’t want to skip your carbs. 87g of complex carbs give you the energy to train hard while helping to fuel muscle expansion.

    A real winner with this supplement is the way it mixes up in a flash without requiring a blender. If you spend lots of time on the road away from home, this is particularly valuable.


    • Whey protein and casein in high enough quantities to seriously increase your lean mass
    • Plenty of complex carbs to keep you going even if you work out hard
    • Inulin provides the fiber you need to properly digest the macros in this weight gainer
    • Mixes extremely well even if you don’t have a blender
    • Low in sugar and unhealthy fats so make gains without the downside of extra inches on the waistline


    • A few users report stomach upsets, gas and loose bowel movements

    8. CytoSport Cyto Gainer

    cyto gainer

    Each Serving Contains:

    • 570 Calories
    • 54g Protein

    While Cyto Gainer doesn’t come with quite as many calories per serving as some of the other super mass gainers, where this supplement excels is in the carb to protein ratio…

    With 75g of carbs against 54g of protein, this comes in at roughly 1:4 which is superb for adding lean muscle mass without too much excess fat.

    The whey peptides are partially pre-digested and laden with glutamine so all the protein goes to work without standing on ceremony.

    On the carbs side, you’ll get this crucial macro delivered almost entirely void of sugar. While some other super weight gainers might give you more carbohydrate, it’s not always without the cost of it coming from the wrong sources. You’re in safe hands with Cyto Gainer.

    Protein and carb content here are based on taking 4 scoops rather than 2. This is recommended given the otherwise fairly low levels of these macros in this gainer supplement.

    The only real niggles are the lack of whey isolate, the purest form, but this is offset by the way in which the whey concentrate, whey peptides and milk protein are optimally synthesized.


    • Almost perfect carbs to protein ratio optimizes lean muscle mass growth
    • No added simple sugars, sucrose or fructose
    • 97% fat-free so pack on that size without excess fat accumulating
    • Tastes great and mixes with ease for the perfect combo
    • Complex carbs almost entirely sugar-free to give you energy the right way


  • No whey protein isolate is a mild disappointment
  • Relatively high levels of cholesterol so watch out with prolonged use
  • 9. Naked Mass Natural

    Each Serving Contains:

    • 1360 Calories
    • 50g Protein

    If you’re thinking that this extremely natural mass gainer will stiff you in terms of calories and protein content, you’d be completely wrong…

    While there are just 5 core ingredients and none of the nasty additives you might find in cheaper, ineffective weight gain supplements, you’ll get a thumping 1360 calorie in each serving.

    Whey and casein natural protein combine to give you a more than adequate 50g of clean protein that will help you hit your lean muscle mass targets without needing to eat a dozen eggs every day.

    The same lean and clean approach to carbs means you get no wheat-based maltodextrins which is ideal for anyone with an intolerance. Over 250g of carbs per serving should more than match your energy requirements even if you have a punishing workout schedule.

     Aside from the price, this is an almost faultless supplement with everything you need and nothing you don’t.


    • Only 5 ingredients for a much more natural mass gainer than most of the competition
    • No GMO, soy, gluten, growth hormone, artificial colors or flavors
    • Natural, multi-phase protein from clean sources promote healthy amino acids to keep protein synthesis ticking over throughout the day
    • Complex carbs also extremely clean and gluten-free
    • Mixes like a dream leaving no unpleasant bloated feeling or gas


    • A bit expensive.

    10. NOW Foods Carbo Gain

    Each Serving Contains:

    • 250 Calories
    • 63g Carbohydrate

    Unlike the other protein-based mass gainers, NOW Foods Carbo Gain, as the name makes abundantly clear, is heavy on the carbohydrates to supply you with all the energy you need for a ruthless gym session.

    Maltodextrin is a complex carb you can easily digest. It comes from corn starch and contains sugar compounds your body can metabolize slowly and steadily for a sustained shot of energy.

    Although there are only 250 calories in each serving, most people use Carbo Gain mixed in with their protein powder or other supplement so this is not necessarily a bad thing. Since it’s often used in combination with other powders, you’ll get no taste with Carbo Gain meaning it will complement other weight gainers perfectly regardless of their flavor.

    For a non-GMO weight gainer with a twist, Carbo Gain is a smart way to hit your carb macros in style.


    • Pure complex carb powder with slow metabolizing glucose polymers perfect for endurance training
    • Gluten-free with no artificial sweeteners
    • Contains practically no fat so get energy without useless calories leading to the wrong type of weight gain
    • Blends well with water or milk for your convenience
    • Flavor-free so add to other protein powders without any nasty clash occurring


  • The lack of protein will not appeal to everyone so be clear about the content of this supplement
  • What Are Mass Gainers?

    It is a high-calorie weight gain supplement designed to help you increase your muscle mass.

    Packed with protein and carbs as well some healthy fats, you can hit all macros along with your goal of adding lean mass.

    In addition to these core components, effective mass gainer also contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Depending on the brand, other supplements are also thrown into the mix.

    Ranging from 250 calories per serving to over 1500 calories and with protein levels as low as 20g or in excess of 65g, there’s a weight gain supplement to mess with just about any fitness goals you have in mind.

    Benefits of Mass Gainer

    These have a shower of benefits.

    Here are 5 leading reasons to incorporate one of these supplements into your clean eating and heavy lifting routine…


    1. Packed With High Quality Protein: Most of it have high levels of premium source whey protein. This is perfect for packing on lean muscle mass
    2. Carbs For Energy: If you work out intensely, you’ll need sufficient energy and these carb-laden mass gainers meet this macro requirements with one simple shake
    3. Muscle Growth and Recovery: The best weight gainers don’t just help you increase the size of your muscles but also enhance recovery which is fundamental to a sustained ​workout routine and diet plan
    4. Vitamins and Minerals: As well as those vital macronutrients, weight gain supplements also meet your micronutrient requirements head on so you get plenty of goodness not just bulked-up muscles
    5. Simplify Meeting Calorie Needs: One of the core benefits of any mass gainer is making it far easier to hit your required caloric intake than relying on food alone

    Are There Any Side Effects?

    Most people using these supplements, experience no negative side effects.

    Here are 3 things to watch out for, though:


    • Possibility of Unhealthy Weight Gain: If you consume more calories than you need, whatever the source, you risk piling on unhealthy weight rather than lean muscles. Make sure you calculate your macro requirements accurately and you work out in line with your increased caloric intake to avoid adverse weight gain.
    • Outside Chance of Allergic Reaction: Soy and milk are 2 of the most common allergens. Many weight gainers contain these so if you’re allergic to anything at all, check ingredients closely before investing in a large tub
    • Stomach Problems or Nausea: If the supplement doesn’t dissolve properly in your stomach it can lead to upsets, nausea, wind and diarrhea. Ensure you mix your gainer properly to minimize the chance of this happening

    How to choose the best one?

    Here are 5 leading reasons to incorporate one of these supplements into your clean eating and heavy lifting routine…

    best mass gainer

    Choosing the right weight gainer is crucial because you need to identify which product works best with your muscle gain requirements and training goals. That is why it is designed with varied specifications so they can cater to individuals with different priorities. Here is an outline of some questions to help you pick the best mass gainers for yourself: 

    • What is the goal you need to achieve within a specified training period?
    • What are your daily calorie needs based on that goal?
    • Does your diet (including your supplement) cover all your essential food components?
    • What are your daily calorie needs based on that goal?

    Final Words

    Finding the best mass gainers is not an easy task. We have done intensive research and study to come up with a list like these.We hope that this was helpful for you. Now it your turn to choose the one for you and build some muscles. In case if you have any queries or suggestion, let us know in the comment box below! 

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