A Guide to the Best Foods to Gain Weight

The best foods to gain weight are those that add bulk to your body without adding layers of layers of fat in your stomach, hips and arms. By choosing the right foods to eat to gain weight, you’ll also find it easier to convert the extra pounds into muscle when you go into weight training.

Cereals and Bread
cerea andl breadIf you look up any list of what to eat to gain weight fast, bagels and cereals always come up because they are good sources of complex carbohydrates your body will use as energy. A typical bread slice has 70 calories, but a 3 inch bagel has 150 calories while those in coffee shops are usually in the 300 calorie range. For extra weight, add some fruit spread as topping. If you’re really health conscious, stick only with whole grain bagels.

Pastafoods to gain weight
No discussion of healthy foods to gain weight is complete without mentioning pasta as it is a great source of carbohydrates and healthy calories. A single cup has 220 calories, and you’ll get more (plus some calcium) if you top it off with some shredded cheese and marinara sauce. Just like with the bagels, it’s best to go with whole grain pasta whenever possible.

Dried Fruits
dry fruit If you want to learn how to gain weight and muscle, don’t forget to eat some dried fruits. Dried fruits have less volume than fresh ones, but they have more healthy calories. For instance, you get 200 calories in a cup of raisins while a cupful of fresh grapes only has 60. If you’ve had your fill of raisins, try some dried cranberries, apricots or berries as they’re just as nutritious.

Olive Oil
Apart from choosing the right food to eat to gain weight, you also need to use the right oils and fats. In this case, your best option is olive oil as it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that will add flavor and calories to pasta, vegetables, and bread.
You might also want to try canola oil because it is rich in omega three fatty acid and makes a great all-around cooking oil. As an alternative, you can go for some grape seed or walnut oils, ideal if you want something light to top your salads.

As you continue to study what foods to eat to gain weight, don’t forget to include avocados as they are full of monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, potassium and vitamin K. A single avocado alone has 200 calories and you get plenty of nutritional value with it. You can have avocado in many ways, such as making guacamole, as sandwich filling or serve with tortilla chips. If you have some burritos or tacos, guacamole will fit in perfectly.

Seeds and Nuts
nutsIf you look up “what to eat to gain weight”, you will see seeds and nuts among those frequently mentioned, and it’s easy to see why since they’re full of healthy calories and polyunsaturated fats. Pumpkin seeds, flax, and sunflower seeds are good for you, as are cashews, pecans, walnuts, and almonds. You can snack on these nuts as is or add some nut butter on an apple for a rich treat.


Granola’s good for gaining weight too, and you don’t need to buy any as it’s easy garnolaenough to make your own. Just combine whole grain cereals, dried fruits, seeds, and nuts and put them in a sealed container. Leave it in the fridge overnight and eat it for breakfast the next day.
If you like, you can put the granola in several small containers and carry it with you anywhere you go. If there’s not enough flavor, just add some peanut butter chips or chocolate chunks.

Protein Bars
Available in all grocery stores, adding a couple of protein bars to your diet is good for that little bit extra energy and over time, weight gain.
Fruit Juices

Finally, it’s not just foods to gain weight you must consider but also the stuff you drink. Without question, the best are 100% fruit juices and avoid high fructose corn syrupy drinks or those that consist mainly of sugar. Vegetable juices have fewer calories and less likely to help you bulk up, but they’re healthy nevertheless.

Those are the things you can eat to gain mass if you are too bulky.But When it comes to muscle enhancement you could also consider such anabolic natural supplements as they can work wonders for muscle enhancement.


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