How much calorie and protein you should take per day to build muscle

When it comes to building your body muscles, having regular physical fitness just does a half of the job. Diet is very important if you are trying to build some muscles. Without enough and optimum intake of calories and proteins, all the work being done in the gym will always go to waste.

The muscles you have in the body are made of around 25% of protein making the protein intake very important part of your muscle building journey. Intake of the right amount of calories and protein can sometimes be a very tricky process to some people.

The calorie requirement of the body is made of many factors. These are the:

1. Body composition

People don't have the same body consumption capacity. There are those who will consume more calories than others. This can be due to the difference in body metabolic rate and many things a person does on a daily basis.

2. The training frequency, type, and intensity

For people who are involved in fitness activities, a number of calories needed will always be different from a person not involved in training. The intensity of the training will also affect a number of calories your body burns.

3.Body Size

Calorie needed for the body will also be determined by the size of your body. Small bodies will require a few calories to maintain its activities compared to huge body sizes.

4. Your Goals

A number of calories you take will also depend on the goal you want to achieve. How much you take in order to build your muscle will also depend on how much muscle you want to build in the process. Adding a lot of muscles will require consumption of a lot of calories and protein.

The human body basically uses 60% of the calories at rest i.e to keep up with its natural processes.

Daily protein intake plays a very important role when it comes to the overall working of the body. For a person thinking of losing some body fat or gain some muscle, protein intake becomes an important part of your diet. Most people know that protein intake is important when it comes to the building of muscles, the question is, how much calorie and protein you should take per day to build muscle?

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Research shows that a person thinking of building muscles in the body should consume between 0.6g - 1.1g per pound of the body weight. The amount of protein or calories good for you will depend on many things:

1. Your weight.

2. Genetics

3. How much muscle you want to add​

It is always important to understand that not all these sources of protein provide an equal amount of protein to the body. Building muscle is easier when a person eats protein from animal sources.

Shifting from fat in the body to muscle is normally achieved by changing your diet from a lot of carbs to protein. Keep the carb intake at a lower level to burn fat. You can also try and eat lean carbs.

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