Choosing the best Muscle Growth Supplement

If You Are In The Market For the best supplements for muscle gain Where Do You Start?

The regular use of an effective muscle growth supplement is something many workout enthusiasts are prepared to spend their hard earned money on. The problem is that the hype surrounding many of these formulas come in terms of marketing speak rather than how effective the ingredients of such a formula really are.

Let’s take a look at this before we try and establish what can work, and why many do not give the benefits we are lead to believe!

best supplements for muscle gain

Marketing vs. Reality

The sports supplement market is a multi-billion dollar industry and for those companies in the thick of it the potential revenues are mind-boggling, but none of them have it their own way. The reason is that this sector is fiercely competitive.

Those who want to sell supplements by the lorry load need an edge. They need to capture your imagination and the way to do that is to bring in the marketing guys.

Once any product is in the hands of a top class marketing team they know exactly what their aim is and this is no different in the booming sports supplement sector.

Of course they need to get the benefits of the formula over, but attention to this detail can regularly be pushed down the priority ladder in favour of something that catches your attention when they are promoting the  best supplements for muscle gain.

There are some seriously committed sports supplement companies out there

There is no question that we are all far better informed than ever before. This means that if we have an interest in something we can very easily acquire information on it.While you may think this makes life harder for the sport supplement companies there are two sides to this coin.

muscle gaining supplements On the one side it means any company worth their salt will ensure the supplements they are turning out are in line with benefits the fitness community is now very aware of, and that indeed for they are offering is the best supplements for building muscle. You may feel that this makes life a lot tougher for them.

Not really, because the growing band of men and women who now understand just how important it is to maintain their body are hungry for formulas that will help them get there.

The clever supplement companies are now making it known that they are more than just ‘pill pushers’ they are Lifestyle companies that want to lead you by the hand and introduce you to as many of their products and formulas as possible, and if such intentions are meant, then there is nothing wrong with this approach at all.

A marriage made in workout wonderland

If you are down the gym on a regular basis it is not just because you are conscious that you need to look after your health and exercising is the perfect way to do that.

This should be a very strong reason that you are there, but the other big reason is vanity. You want to be proud of your physique, you want your body to be trim and those muscles to show themselves where they should do, and guess what?

There is nothing whatsoever wrong with wanting to achieve and then maintain a cracking physique, so the offer of the best supplements for lean muscle growth that will give you “that extra boost in the right direction” will be looked at very seriously by you as the perfect partner in terms of maintaining and improving your body.

Towards the end of this piece we will offer some thoughts on just which type of supplement you should choose as a ‘partner’ to get you where you need to be.

First thought, when looking at supplements please consider this:

Treat such supplements on face value

If you are looking to spend good money on a supplement that will boost your muscle power then you must get past the hype and strip the formula down to the bare bones. Only by doing this will you find out if the ingredients contained offer two things.

The first is how effective the mix of ingredients is. You should do this on an individual and a collective basis, and the second is what quantities of these ingredients are contained.

It is all well and good being offered the best muscle growth supplement ever to be produced, and on the face of it the combination of ingredients have a lot to say for themselves, but are they contained in sufficient quantities to actually assist you in achieving that lean muscle mass, or increasing the size and definition of your arm and leg muscles. You need to find this out before committing.

How anabolic are these formulas?

The way to assist your muscle growth is to supplement with a formula which effectively encourages anabolism (muscle building), but also works actively to greatly reduce catabolism (muscle breakdown). So your first offer of marriage should go to a good quality:

Whey protein supplement

Granted, it may not be the most glamorous formula on the floor, but you are not looking for a one-night feeling. You want a solid relationship with the best supplements for muscle gain you can find.

whey protein supplement

This fast digesting protein is derived from milk. The BCAA’s (Branched-chain amino acids) it contains are critical when you are looking to prevent any protein breakdown. An added bonus is the peptides it contains which will increase blood flow to your muscles.

Muscle mass building supplements

Here is another option for anyone after lean muscle mass. A good quality supplement in this grouping will do you the power of good because you will see an increase in your red blood cell production.

This increase results in faster muscle building making it an excellent long term partner.

supplements facts

While these two types of supplements offer benefits way beyond any hype, you should check out which ones in their respective category offer you a couple of important side benefits, because not all of them do.

These two things may not seem desperately important to you initially, but believe you me it will leave you feeling far more comfortable with life:

No bloating or discomfort

If you have had debatable reactions to previous supplements you will understand that bloating and discomfort are two things to avoid.

Without these two problems you will achieve that ripped body that little bit faster. This is because you will be raring to go at each and every punishing weights session.

Mood booster

We will close with a benefit that everyone deserves. Life can take it out of you at times and things are unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

There are a couple of really effective muscle growth supplements out there that also give you a delightful mood boost.

This positive benefit will also help your muscles – that is the muscles in your cheeks.

Your broad smile and happy grin as you admire that reflection in any mirror you pass will help to make life that extra bit better!

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